Agroecology at scale

Agroecology is inherently broad. Involving sustainability of food systems and production, it can easily be overwhelming.

At NowFarmer we take a pragmatic approach and consider agroecology as a scale. Regardless of farm size, we work with you to determine which management decisions are necessary to achieve sustainability impact.

This is why we take a holistic approach to each farm we work with, because one size doesn’t fit all.

Bridging the gap

We help to bridge the gap from conventional farming decisions to sustainable agroecological management.

Change can be challenging. We work with you to find the balance that works for your farm, while keeping a sharp eye on economic viability.

Together we work to identify quick wins and develop plans that suit your requirements. Building a tiered, long-term approach for the success of your farm.

The ecology of sustainable food systems

Partnering with NowFarmer

Get an in-depth understanding of your farm’s ecosystem with detailed system mapping.

Baseline mapping 

We consider the current situation of your farm, and pair it with your goals for the future

Ecosystem service identification

We can consider soil quality, pollination, pest/disease control, and nutrient cycling to outline how improved ecosystem services can support input management decisions


Planning & Implementation 

We develop a tiered approach to improve sustainable agroecological impact over time

Work with us

Learn how sustainable management decisions can support farm operations and improve ecological impact.

Improved strategy & decision making, feasible action plan 

Scale up on successful practices and interventions
Achieve more efficient sustainable land management

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